Puirt a Beul (mouth music)

Puirt a beul, literally "tunes from a mouth" is a traditional form of song native to Scotland; Ireland; and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The Scottish Gaelic for such a tune is port a beul: "a tune from a mouth—specifically a cheerful tune—which in the plural becomes puirt à beul".

Usually, the genre involves a single performer singing lighthearted, often bawdy lyrics, although these are sometimes replaced with meaningless vocables.

In puirt a beul, the rhythm and sound of the song often have more importance than the depth or even sense of the lyrics. Puirt a beul in this way resembles other song forms like scat singing. Normally, puirt are sung to a 4/4 or 6/8 beat. Performances today may highlight the vocal dexterity by one or two singers, although four-person performances are sometimes made at mods.

Puirt a Beul 02 (mouth music) Written by Mary Ann Kennedy with James Graham
Puirt a Beul (mouth music) Written by Sileas