Nancy and the Carpetbagger

Nancy McLaurin and the Carpetbagger

[Ed. This was a story related to me by William "Mack" Gardner in 2010, when I visited Simpson County, MS. Nancy was the eldest daughter of John C. and Effie McLaurin.]


After the War Between the States, Nancy wed a carpet-bagger from the North whose surname was Campbell. One day Nancy came home to find Campbell on the front porch of their house sharpening his straight-razor. Nancy asked him what this was about and he replied that he was going to "cut her throat" with it. Nancy quickly collected a few things and walked back to her father’s house. When John C. McLaurin saw Nancy, he asked her what had happened. She told him the interchange between her and her husband. John C. grabbed a bull’s horn he had for the purpose and blew it to summon other kin in the area. Once they had arrived, the men left to see Campbell.

The only thing that is known for certain is that Campbell was never seen again in Simpson County. There is an addendum to the story that subsequent residents in that house claimed that when day was very humid you could see blood coming from the floor boards.