Letter - Hugh to John - Atlanta 1864

Atlanta, GA
August 13th/64

Mr. J.C. McLaurin

My dear father,

This evening I will write you a short letter to let you know how I am getting along. We are still under fire from the Enemies guns and it is getting worse every day. The shelling at times is most terrific and the sharp shooting is continually going on. We are as closely confined now as we were at Vicksburg at any time. In fact I would rather be at such a place as Vicksburg was than to be here. On the morning of the 11th, the Enemy charged our vidette [a mounted sentry posted forward of a formation’s position] line in front of our Brigade and captured some of the 35th Miss that were on vidette, and drove the rest back to the main picket works. I was on the picket line at the time in charge of a fatigue party, but we threw aside our spades and picks and took up our arms, but they soon found that it would not do to come too close. On yesterday I was in charge of another fatigue party working on the picket lines and I must say that I was uneasy all the time I was there. For a man could not raise his head above the works without being in danger of being shot, but none of us were hurt.
As to the final result of the campaign up here I am not able to give you any information. The Enemy are evidently reinforcing. They are running the cars to their lines, having completed the bridge over the Chattahoochee. They are also shelling Atlanta and have been for a good while. They throw the most of them about the R.R. Station doing but little damage, as their guns are small.
The news from Mobile are exciting but you know as much about affairs there as I do.
But enough of War news. Father, I gave in my name some four weeks ago to become a member of the Presbyterian church, but I have not been able yet to procure a certificate to send to the Church at Hopewell. As it is impossible for me to find an old School Presbyterian preacher up here to give me a certificate I am very anxious to procure one to send there. And I hope to be able in a few days to procure one. Parson Lattimore says he will get a minister to visit me from Lowing’s [?] Division, who I hope will come in a few days and give me a certificate. But if I should fail to get a certificate from an Old school minister, is there not some way for me to do, so that the church at Hopewell could receive me as a member; if there is, let me know immediately.
Be not too anxious about my welfare up here. I place my trust in God. Who never said seek ye my face in vain. And who doeth all things for the best. I hope I am prepared to meet Him in peace. All our acquaintances are well. My love to all the family. I rec’d a letter from Mary today dated the 1st [?] Aug.

[P.S.] My health is not as good as it has been. For two weeks I have been rather puny but am able for duty yet.