Copiah County News - Notice 2

[Ed. Copiah County borders Simpson County on the west. The Pearl River is the dividing line. Hazelhurst is about 10 miles or so from Bridgeport. Although Hugh joined the Covington Rebels in Covington county (borders Simpson on the east side of the county, Turner Wilson enlisted in a unit from Copiah county.]


COPIAH COUNTY NEWS [HAZLEHURST, MS], August 21, 1861, p. 3, c. 2

To Southern Mothers.

            As our coast is blockaded, our Government has not been able to procure a sufficient supply of blankets for our sick soldiers. In this emergency they have called on you to aid them. Knowing as they do, that there are thousands of families who can spare, without inconvenience, from one to six blankets or comforts, they feel that they have only to make their wants known to you.
Let each neighborhood at once make up a package. Throw into your box bed blankets, (old or new,) comforts, socks, and a jar of jelly or preserves, or anything your good sense tells you is needed by the sick and wounded soldier. Start at once your box on its mission of mercy. It will strengthen the heart, it will nerve the arm of the soldier who is fighting our foes. Think of the fever wasted form of the bruised and bleeding soldier as he lies without cover on his pallet of straw! Shall he languish in want, while his bleeding wounds are brightest mementoes of that immortal field of Manassas? Think too of Manassas' glorious dead! They died for you and yours.
Boxes should be sent to E. W. Johns, Med. Surgeon, Richmond, Va.