Local Color - Brandon, MS 1860

[Ed. HERALD OF THE SOUTH [BRANDON, MS], March 14, 1860, p. 2, c. 4]

           The scamp who rode by our house on last Sunday evening just at dark, and when opposite stopped his horse, drew a pistol and shot at our dog in our yard, immediately before and in direct range with the door of our house, at the great peril of the life of some of our family, is hereby notified that if he ever does the same thing again when we are at home he will have to ride much faster than he did on that occasion to get out of the reach of a load of buck shot which we will send after him as surely as our gun will fire. This is the second offence of the same kind that either him or some one else has been guilty, and as there is nothing in law or morals to compel us to stand tamely by and suffer ourself or any one of our family shot down with impunity, we intend to do precisely as we have said above.