Welcome to McLaurin History

This site is dedicated to all the members of the McLaurin family past, present and future. Its purpose is to preserve the history of the McLaurins and to provide a nexus to bring those of us living now closer together. While some of us may share pictures and events on other sites, this site is a one stop repository of genealogical information, photographs of our ancestors and artifacts, a record of their achievements and doings, information about Scotland and the McLaurin’s place in Scotland, as well as more current photographs and information. The hope is that many of you will contribute to this site so that we can develop as complete a repository as possible.

Access, for McLaurin family, I’ll provide access to post information and provide comments. For researchers and other interested parties, I’ll provide read access to most of the site to assist in your research. Some portion of the site will be for family only.

The McLaurins are a sept of Clan MacLaren. Also included in this site is information about Clan MacLaren and history of the clan in Scotland. Current information about the clan, Scottish Highland Games in the US will also be included as a topic area.